Rear Differentials

Our shop is equipped with the right tools, machines and most importantly ASE certified technicians to repair or rebuild rear differentials on most cars, trucks and SUV’s. If you’ve owned your vehicle for many years and haven’t had your rear differential fluid checked or changed, it would be a good idea to look at it now.

Differentials are installed on all vehicles to keep them stabilized on the roadways. However, the fluid and placement of the differentials vary from make and model of vehicle. Trucks and SUV’s with 4 wheel drive have front, center and rear differentials, whereas front and rear wheel drives only have one. If you’ve been experiencing loud noises while driving you could have a problem with your differential. Much like having regular oil changes keeps your engine operating smoothly, the same goes for the differential fluid.

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How do you know when the fluid needs to be filled or replaced? Good question! The manufacture warranty and owner’s manual will list a recommended mileage or time frame to have your differential fluid checked and/or replaced. Should you find yourself in an untimely need of back end repair or rebuild work on your automobile, come by GearTek to have us inspect your vehicle.

We know all about rear differentials and the complexity of making sure all the gears are working properly and operating smoothly. When you choose to work with us at GearTek, you are choosing to work with honest, dependable and knowledgeable people. We pride ourselves in offering one on one client care and will notify you about any changes in your service, parts and labor before charging you.