Transmission Repair

GearTek offers transmission repair and rebuilding services for the Midland, Michigan area. Our mechanics are highly skilled professionals who can help get your vehicle back up and driving smoothly again. We can safely say we work on most makes and models of vehicles with either manual or automatic transmissions.

It can be nerve wrecking when you have to have transmission repair work done, but with our team of experts, you can trust us to find the solution to the problem. We are committed to making sure you receive personable and professional service each time. But most of all, the safety of you and your family is of the utmost concern for us. That’s why we follow the proper procedures and won’t cut corners to get the job done faster.

From transmission repair or rebuild work to offering suggestions and tips about maintaining your transmission, our technicians are happy to talk with you about how to keep your vehicle running properly. When it comes to warranty work, we have a 3 year warranty on any transmission rebuild (warranty is only valid for this item – it’s non-transferable).

If you’re vehicle is not shifting the way it should, you see transmission fluid in your parking space, or you hear a loud noise when you put your car/truck into gear, it would be a good time to call or stop by our shop for an appointment with our team of certified technicians.

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